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Yun Kai Tong China

Pourquoi je participe à l'appel des consciences

Recital before meal and Song of Praise to Confucius :


Our thanks to Heaven, by whose virtue, all life is sustained.

Our thanks to our parents, whose affection has guided us.

Our thanks to Confucius, the great sage whose tender care has taught us benevolence.

Whose righteousness nourishes our heart and sustains the body

We know by what efforts nature and humanity have undertaken to provide us with this meal.


Auspicious signs appeared night and day spreading out from the sacred mountain on that auspicious day

How beautiful and how vast is the world into which Confucius was born.

Oh our great teacher

He shows us what selflessness is and inspires us with his vision for all life – that of the Great Harmony.

Ceaselessly he traveled to promote and realize his ideals

No suffering, not even being close to starvation, could blunt his intention to share his message

He left us the gifts of wisdom, the Four Books, the Five Classics, the Six Arts and the Eight Virtues

He, being a man of compassion, loved all people and his fame spreads across the world.

Oh our great teacher

You come from China but your message is for all of humanity

If righteousness is found across the earth, then we can build heaven on earth.

May these wise teachings guide us for millennia to come!



Dr Yun Kai Tong, DBA, MBE, Vice President of ICEA

Dr. Tong is the President of the Confucian Academy, and the Vice President of the International Confucian Ecological Alliance (ICEA).

Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom granted Dr Tong an MBE in March 2005 for his contribution in the field of business, education, religion and sport.

In the same year, he was granted the World Peace Award by the World Religion Federation in Japan.

In March 2006, President George W. Bush awarded Dr Tong the President’s Award for his educational excellence as an “Outstanding Confucian Scholar”.

In July 2009, Dr. Tong was awarded the “World Peace Grand Prize” by the Lincoln Memorial Foundation for Peace in recognition of his contribution to freedom and world peace.

In 2011 he received the highly esteemed Confucius Culture prize from the Ministry of Culture of China.

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