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Nobuko Kashiwagi Japan

Pourquoi je participe à l'appel des consciences

The fact that I'm here is a miracle so I want to be able to pass that on to future generations.

(Pour garder en authenticité, les témoignages des personnalités n’ont pas été traduits.)

Vice President


Nobuko Kashiwagi grew up in South Africa during the transition period of Apartheid and spent her High School years in New Zealand.

After graduating from Waseda University in Japan, she became involved in the founding of UBrainTV in London, a new kind of media covering topics relevant to the creation of a more sustainable, harmonious future.

As the vice president and chief correspondent of UBrainTV, she has attended numerous international conferences interviewing over 500 global leaders.

She also promotes Japanese culture, being a master of Japanese traditional dance - "nihonbuyo" - under the name 'Fukumi Bando'.

In 2011, she was invited to perform in the presence of HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.


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