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Jay Ramsay United Kingdom

Pourquoi je participe à l'appel des consciences

This question, which Martin asked me to reflect on, coincided with the cherry blossom in my front garden coming out in all its annual abundance – and then being racked by wind. The poem picks up the story from there reflecting on why poetry also matters : because it helps us to connect and as a result to open our hearts. As Shelley said “poets are the unacknowledged legislators” in other words to change we also have to be moved.

The blossoming

for Martin, by Jay Ramsay

You know the story. After months of grey

rain, wind and weather wet

the cherry blossom suddenly appears

with the merest touch of late April sun,

its three or four day lover. Blossom

filling the branches, and up against the blue

as you gaze up…its delicate pale pink chandeliers

each hanging by a thread, intact.


But then three days of blasting wind

billowing up the path, around the house

battering it, beating at it, torn

down in bucketfuls, coating the front bed

and the lawn inches deep—

with the waste of it only just blossomed.

Why do you care ? Because it’s moved you

because every beautiful thing you’ve seen


has entered your heart, aware or unaware

becoming part of you extending out

you can’t escape now, it’s too late

your heart is open and it can’t close again.

You care because it’s all you are

this beautiful ravaged world now

resurrected then crucified…and as the wind dies

with all we still have, as it returns.


I call it poetry, with or without words

the one language we know without speaking

that seeks us out from the Beginning

because it knows we must blossom

there is no other hope, no other way

to become human, but to love, and lose

turned inside out and outside in

and this, my God and yours, is the operation.


(Pour garder en authenticité, les témoignages des personnalités n’ont pas été traduits.)




What are my main spiritual or environmental achievements ? Literature, psychotherapy and personal development workshop facilitation.

My relevant poetry here includes Tao Te Ching translated with Martin Palmer (1993), Earth Ascending (1997), Anamnesis – The remembering of soul (as poet in residence at St James’ Piccadilly London 2005 – 06), Places of Truth, a second eco-spiritual anthology Soul of the Earth (2010) and most recently Monuments (Waterloo Press – 2014).

I have worked with ARC at some of its major conference events at Windsor Castle, Whitehall and Assisi, and in all his work helps people to connect to their authentic self beneath the adaptive self of their conditioning.


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