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UBrainTV United States

Pourquoi je participe à l'appel des consciences

In 2007, Kenji Nagoshi was invited to Gotland, Sweden to interpret for a conference on forestry and religion. Many Shinto priests were invited. What he heard, and translated, changed his life. He had not thought about this in this way before. At one point a Shinto priest stood and said Shintoism does not believe in protecting nature; quite the opposite, it believes that nature protects us, and that we have to respect it for that. This experience triggered his action on the environment and creation of UBrainTV. The UBrainTV team cares about the environment and climate because that is the value we share. And that is what drives us: a sense that if we all remembered that the environment is a place where the sacred lives and comes alive, we would not be facing this crisis today. And in a small way we try to help this happen.


UBrainTV is a new kind of media aimed at uniting "brains" around the world.

UBrainTV was established in 2010 by United Brain Networks Ltd. In 2011 it was named one of the '100 International Companies to Watch' by Think London, London's official foreign direct investment agency (now London & Partners).

UBrainTV is an online TV service focused on environmental issues. Our vision is to create a forum for the discussion of topics relevant to the creation of a more sustainable, harmonious future. We do this by providing a platform for citizens, thought leaders and practitioners from around the world to share their experience, expertise, and vision.

UBrainTV successfully launched and hosted the Munakata Eco-100 International Forum.