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David Nussbaum United kingdom

Why do I care about climate

I grew up on a rural university campus, and had annual holidays in the hills of north Wales – so the natural world was usually close at hand.  Some theological study of eschatology pointed me to renewed creation (rather than merely ethereal existence) as the end vision.  Years later, working in the packaging industry, we were getting to grips with the need for more recycling and improving the environmental credentials of our processes and products.

Working subsequently for Oxfam, I saw at first hand the dependence of people living in poverty on their immediate natural environment. Connecting this to biblical themes of justice and stewardship creates an imperative to action – recently captured in the papal encyclical ‘Laudato Si’ – ‘On Care for our Common Home’.



CEO of WWF-UK, having gained two theology degrees (though not sure those count as ‘spiritual achievements’!), and Chair of the international WWF Network’s Global Climate and Energy Initiative.

Personal participation at COP 21 ; Chairing the international WWF Network’s Global Climate and Energy Initiative ; personal engagement in the SDGs and their link to environmental sustainability. Personnal engagement : various changes at home (solar thermal hot water; solar PV; attic, walls and floors insulation; etc); and eating less meat.