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French president sends personal letter to heads of state who will be at COP21

A dramatic appeal, sent this week personally by French President Francois Hollande to every Head of State attending the opening event on the 30th November of the Paris Climate Change COP asks each of them to answer a simple question “Why Do I Care” about the climate.

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A Summit of Conscience in Philippines October, 9

The Summit of Conscience for the Climate, held on July 21, 2015, has inspired Senator Loren Legarda to host a similar event on October 9, in the Philippines. At the Senate of the Philippines, in Manila, she will welcome many speakers from the world.

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Video: children want to save the planet

Broadcasted at the end of the Summit of Conscience, the video "a story told by children" shows how they think the planet can be saved.

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The Summit of Conscience in 3 minutes

Watch the big moments of the Summit of Consciences who took place in Paris the 21th of July.

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July 21st in pictures

Highlights from the Summit of Conscience: smiles, calls to get involved, informal chats, first steps towards future collaborations.

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Video: the Summit of Conscience

People from many of the world’s religions and wisdoms met in Paris on July 21 for a World Summit of Conscience to answer the question "Why do I care about the planet?” and launch a “Call to Conscience for climate”.

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Guideline to write your Why Do I Care

The environmental crisis and climate change are such vast and wide-reaching issue, it can be hard to identify how you personally can play any role to address them. We’ve been overwhelmed by data, which has had the effect of squeezing out the personal. This is why the “why do I care” programme has been created: to enable all of us to reflect on our core values and from this to be empowered to join others in making a personal difference. We start by telling our own stories.

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Nicolas Hulot: «Global warming is the ultimate injustice»

Nicolas Hulot, the President of France’s special envoy for the protection of the planet, and head of the Nicolas Hulot Foundation, explains the challenges of the Summit of Conscience which will take place in Paris in two week’s time.

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